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The travel agencies on Isla Mujeres can recommend you tours to explore the surrounding area, the Riviera Maya and Cancún. They are located in downtown Isla Mujeres and can provide useful information to make your stay on the island a pleasant one.

Viajes Prisma
Great tour specialists to discover Isla Mujeres and the surrounding area as well as important archaeological sites such as Tulum and Chichén Itzá. They also provide transportation from Isla Mujeres to the airport or from Puerto Juárez to the airport.

Av. Rueda Medina No. 9C
Tel./Fax: 52 (998) 877 0938
e -mail: procoromx@yahoo.com.mx

Mundaca Travel
The travel agencies on Isla Mujeres provide excellent quality and service. Mundaca Travel is a large travel agency, with different types of services. In addition to the local tours, they offer tours to Cuba or diving tours on the best reefs and caves. The agency can also assist you in renting or buying property on the island.

Av. Hidalgo No. 15-A
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, México C.P. 77400
Tel.: 52 (998) 877 0025
Fax: 52 (998) 877 0076
e -mail: mail@mundacatravel.com

Viajes Perla
Tel.: 52 (998) 877 0120